Starting A Podcast: Where Parenthood Meets Professional Development

Welcome to Mixing Babies And Business, a podcast hosted by Amy Lynch, where we chat about all things business, entrepreneurship, flexible and remote work with kids.

The show is a mixture of solo and interview style episodes, featuring inspiring guests who’ve been showing up as their full selves as parents in professional environments, creating community and advocating for change.

It’s designed to shine a light at the end of a seemingly verrrry long tunnel and we’re hoping to provide a virtual pep talk for those seeking encouragement during this transformative time in their lives.


Stories to guide you.

We’ll be sharing a couple of mini episodes each week for people who are also parents and don’t have the time/desire/energy/bandwidth/ability to tune in to something actively or in the background for more than 20 minutes. Depending on the guest, we’ll be covering creativity, community and creating the changes you wish to see in the world.

Like our parent-friendly business newsletter, events and resources, it will be an online space where parenthood meets professional development and is designed with yours and your family’s needs and interests in mind, not as an afterthought!


Podcasting and parenting during a pandemic.

All episodes are recorded, edited and published from our home office ‘creative studio’, where we’re attempting to work from home in between doing ‘remote school’ with our kids. Hopefully we can edit out some things, if not, you’ll be hearing a lot of REAL LIFE in the background.

Season 1 launches this week, with mini episodes released every Tuesday and Friday for the remainder of 2020.

Thanks for listening and if you enjoy what you hear, please share the podcast with fellow parents you’re connected to!

Join our movement. Bring your kids.

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