Babies Business + Breakfast Community

Spend time with the ones you love, while investing in yourself.

Feeling lonely but never actually alone?

Meet other founders, freelancers, remote workers and potential career changers who are also parents (moms AND dads, parents-to-be welcome too!) who want to explore how to mix babies and business.

Show up as you are.

Whether you’re setting out to build a startup, launch a small business, doing remote work with kids or growing your professional network, get involved in our virtual coworking, look after yourself and learn from industry experts who’ve built and/or been part of successful companies – all while raising their families.
  • More flexibility and accessibility. Less one-size-fits-all traditional business and remote work advice.
  • More genuine connections and virtual support. Less fear of missing out and flying solo.
  • More mental clarity and taking action. Less to do lists, perfectionism or tech overwhelm.
  • More self-compassion and steady growth. Less hustle, striving and working harder.

Who is it for?

  • You’re a parent with business goals you’d like to accomplish within a set timeframe
  • You’re seeking connection with other like-minded parents
  • You feel the ebbs and flows of business and life and want to work with them
This is not for you if:
  • You’re not a parent (I’m sure you’re a lovely person but this is a program for parents only!)
  • You’re looking for another social media group (there are many out there, I don’t offer one)
  • You’re not willing to show up as you are (progress over perfection is what we practice)

Thank you to Startup Canada for welcoming my growing community of parents and their families onboard in June 2021! 🎊

What started as a newsletter and DIY pop-up parent-friendly professional development events when I was 8 months pregnant three years ago, has now grown into a network of parentpreneurs and people pursuing flexible and remote work alongside their kids.

We’re bringing along the ones we love and care for and showing up as we are in business environments online and offline – usually with a baby and/or toddler in tow.

Me (Amy Lynch) babywearing my second son at a remote work business event in 2018.

🚼 📊 On brand bonus:

Startup Canada’s announcement was made on my kid’s 3rd birthday, he really is a startup baby now…you can’t make this stuff up. It feels wonderful to go from being a solo founder, writer, creator, event and podcast host to joining a group of other community leaders across Canada who are all dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs locally with the information and opportunities they’re seeking as they pursue their startup ideas, build businesses and grow their companies!

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Parenthood can be lonely. But they both don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

People who become parents are still interested in pursuing business ideas and using professional development to invest in themselves. But it can be difficult to feel like you belong in a startup or traditional corporate environment, if you’re the only one bringing your kid(s) along with you. I am thrilled Startup Canada has asked me to join their platform through their Startup Communities program to help grow my community and connect individuals, who are entrepreneurs AND parents, with child-friendly business resources and experiences. This partnership will help us continue to spread the message and reach other people who believe parenthood and professional development don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

I’m delighted to continue connecting with others across the country and around the world, looking forward to future growth plans.

Thank you for your support, encouragement and participation in this project and initiative so far, – Amy Lynch (+ Family) Founder of Mixing Babies And Business™ P.S. Read the full announcement from Startup Canada.

Join our movement. Bring your kids.

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