Remote Work Retreat For Parents

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We can’t go anywhere but we can still connect with each other. 

Thanks for signing up to join me for the next virtual retreat, refresh your routines and meet other parents! Watch my welcome video and add me – contact[at] – to your ‘safe sender’ list in your email provider.

You’ll be added to my Mixing Babies And Business™ Remote Work (Virtual) Retreat For Parents via the private online portal in May 2021, you’ll be able to access my remote work with kids content, including:

🎬 3 x Mini Video Trainings:
Remote Work With Kids

💻 1 x Retreat Recap + Journaling Session:
Invest in yourself alongside your loved ones

💌 1 x Digital Care Package:
Curated for parents

Join us online in 2021!

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You can access these mini trainings, retreat recording and digital care package from May 11-22, 2021.

Access all retreat modules for one week (if you’d like to access the content for the remainder of 2021, you can purchase it as part of my Remote Work Retreat ‘on demand’ for $44 USD).

‘Sign in’ using your email as a username and password and easily go through each part of the retreat.

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Remote Work Virtual Retreat For Parents

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Events + Resources Feedback:

“Thanks again Amy! You gave some very valuable tips and tricks for working from home. It was also nice to spend time with some other adults for a change.”

“Love the interactive and engaging activities.”

“Appreciated the interaction, networking tips, simplicity of the presentation. Love the concept and hope to attend future events.”

“Wish there was time for more! Good amount of info in short time. Thank you, would love to see more opportunities like this.”

“I really enjoyed it and it was nice to meet parents in the same boat as me.”

“More meetups please!”

“Great event today! Wow! Speakers were great! I think you bring to light a very important perspective. Especially in these times.”

“I like your block scheduling chart! I’m doing block scheduling in longer chunks now. I’m excited for you and where you are going!” 

Join our movement. Bring your kids.

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