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I’ve been bringing my kids into business settings since 2016.

Mixing personal and professional life can have its’ challenges and oftentimes you can feel like an outsider while navigating the corporate jungle with kids.

Here are some digital gifts to help you on your journey:


Time Blocking Template FREE DOWNLOAD: Time Blocking Template

For the past eight years, I’ve used time blocking to create an evolving schedule that works for me and in more recent years, my young family. Download my FREE template and start time blocking your week!

Babies + Business Free Mini Guide To Navigating The Corporate Jungle With Kids FREE DOWNLOAD: Babies + Business Mini Guide

The Babies + Business Mini Guide has been written from the perspective of a parent (Amy Lynch) who’s brought her young children into dozens of business settings from the age of four weeks old onward, in two different countries. Read the quick guide and get ready to explore more! Learn more: